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How To Choose a Restaurant POS System That’s Right For You

Picking the right restaurant POS (point of sale) system is critical to your business’s success. Maybe you’ve just opened your restaurant, hired staff, bought great furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. However, one thing is certain: whether you’re starting from scratch, expanding, or looking to swap restaurant point of sale software, your productivity will be sluggish without the right system.

Having the right POS software is important and should be given much thought. Good restaurant POS systems record data efficiently, provide amazing user experience to employees, and enable effective customer service.

Ever worked in a bar or restaurant where the bar POS system was slow, clunky or perhaps, freezes up a lot? Well, situations like that only lead to frustrations all-round. Frustrated employees likely won’t deliver the excellent service your customers paid for. The business of food is highly competitive and it only takes a few mistakes to lose customers.

Recommended POS systems for restaurants

These are some of the most recommended restaurant POS systems available for restaurants:

What is a POS system?

A restaurant POS system is the software that is used to process transactions. They are designed to calculate the amount owed, process payment, and prepare receipts for merchant and customer.

Modern POS systems can do much more than facilitating transactions. They can record data that can be later used for marketing purposes and support integrations that increase their capabilities.

Your restaurant POS software is the central component of your business. It provides the means to make sense of data and is what brings everything together. Overall, it helps you simplify your day-to-day operations.

Why you need restaurant POS software

Restaurants need reliable POS software to track cash flow, sales, inventory, and expenses, among others. Bookkeeping is also tremendously simplified when you have the right POS backed with proper restaurant computer systems. POS systems like Toast have been specifically designed with food service in mind.

Plenty of POS service providers offer credit card processing agreements, which eliminates the need to find other providers. In addition, employee theft, which is a common issue among restaurant owners, is greatly reduced since the information stored within POS systems cannot be altered. You can even track employee work hours depending on the software you choose.

POS at a glance

  • Simplifies day-to-day communications between front-end and kitchen staff.
  • Collects and tracks information like food inventory, most purchased items etc. to help with the promotion of your restaurant.
  • Logged employee hours are tracked to simplify payroll.
  • Decreases accounting and tax preparation cost because you can easily generate profit and loss statements.
Which features are important for a restaurant POS?
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